The Aims and Values of The Poplars.

When we opened The Poplars we had a clear set of aims and values in mind, which in the light of experience we still consider to be valid and worthwhile, and hope that all members of staff who work here are able to understand and promote in their day to day work.

The aims of The Poplars are based on three beliefs:


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1. That for most people choosing to give up their home and all that goes with it, to move into residential care is a very difficult decision. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly or one that should be rushed, its impact should never be underestimated

2. That although residential care can never replace a persons home, choosing to live in a residential home should prove to be an enjoyable and enriching experience, somewhere where older people can enjoy first class care and accommodation, together with good food and company, with the freedom to come and go as they please without the day to day burden of coping on their own.

3. Coming to live in a residential care home with a group of other people, does not diminish an individual as a human being in any way! Each person will have their own opinions, character and expectations of life within a care home. It is our job to be aware of these factors and respond to them sensitively

Our aim is to provide and maintain a warm, friendly, informal and secure environment in which people living at The Poplars can feel at ease and be able to pursue a lifestyle that suits them.